MoMoAms #21 - Lineup

  • Kevin Slavin (LinkedIn, @slavin_fpo) – Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Starling
  • Jyri Engeström (LinkedIn, @jyri) – Sold early Twitter competitor Jaiku to Google and now runs his new startup Ditto
  • Coen van Veenendaal (LinkedIn, @coen66) – Inspiring, groundbreaking, bon vivant, unrealist and slightly eccentric. A cyclist with a mission
  • Ben Hammersley (LinkedIn, @benhammersley) – Consultant on the effects of the internet on society, foreign policy, business, and culture
  • Adam Greenfield (@agpublic) – Founder of Urbanscale, previously design director at Nokia
  • Raimo van der Klein (LinkedIn, @rhymo) – Co-founder of MoMoAms, CEO of Layar
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