Show me the money - Lineup


  • 15.00 Doors open
  • 16.00 Opening – Maarten Lens-FitzGerald
  • 16.10 Mobile Internet Update (Febr – March 2008) – Raimo van der Klein
  • 16.20 Kick-off – Jan Smits
  • 16.40 5 minutes case showdown (Wim Wendt / LogicaCMG, Tobias Stöger / Outbank, Igor Hendriksen / Payter)
  • 17.20 BREAK
  • 17.50 Banking 2.0 – Ton Wesseling
  • 18.10 Keynote – Dan Armstrong
  • 18.40 Wrap-up – Jan Smits
  • 18.50 Closing
  • 18.55 DRINKS

Jan Smits, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Jan Smits (1953) holds a chair on Law & Technology at TU/e in the departement of Technical Innovation Sciences. His research is aimed at understanding the relationship between technology and policies, standards and regulation. His focus is on technological phenomenae notably in the area of IT and telecommunication. He is also co-founder and director of 2knowit a firm that strategically advises both governments and firms.

Ton Wesseling, Senior Internet Strategist
Ton Wesseling (1974) is a Dutch internet consultant, blogger, speaker, teacher and coach with a focus on internet strategy, online presence and web intelligence. As a self employed consultant he works for companys like SNS Bank and Ilse Media and he is a board member at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Netherlands. His full profile can be found here: and he will share his presentation here:

Wim Wendt, Practice Manager Business Logica CMG
Managing Consultant with 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry (KPN, SwissCom, Logica Consulting). Currently responsible for the Practice Business Business Innovation Logica Management Consulting Netherlands. Experience in applying innovation of mobile and wireless technologies assisting operators, governments and corporate companies. Introduction Vodafone Live!, Telfort Mobile Data strategy/UMTS Business Planning, Mobile Ticketing Public Transport Company, Program Citizen Alert / Cell Broadcasting, Personal Travel Assistent Study RTA Dubai

Marcel Wendt, Founder, Surprise Mobile Startup
Marcel Wendt (1963), Founder of Golden Bytes International BV in 1999, the leading SMS technology provider in the Benelux and UK. Alldata, a 100% subsidiary, specializes in conceptual and realizing technical solutions in the field of games, elections, events, narrowcasting and call entertainment. Created together with the founders of the Internet cheque (WWW-BON) in 2001 the first Dutch pre-paid wallet SMS-XS. Nowadays co-founder of a new mobile payment startup.

Igor Hendriksen, New Media & Broadcasting Payter
Igor spent the past eight years in the international mobile telecoms space. In several roles, varying from business consultant to business developer and sales manager, his focus has always been on value added services towards the consumer market. In 2007, Igor joined Payter, the Dutch company focussing on mobile transactioning through the use of the NFC protocol (Near Field Communication). In his role as director for Payter’s New Media & Broadcasting division, his mission is to build an NFC mobile marketing company based on the foundations of Payter.

Dan Armstrong, CTO, Rabo Mobiel B.V.
Mr. Armstrong was one of the founders of Rabo Mobiel, and has been working on the project since mid-2005. Currently he serves on the board of directors as Chief Technology Officer, responsible for products, telecommunications, banking and mobile financial services products, NFC, innovation and technology strategy. Prior to Rabo Mobiel, Mr. Armstrong has worked for Telfort, British Telecom, MCI, Netscape and was owner of Takashi Mobile, an international consultancy working since 1999 on MVNOs in Europe, Asia and North America.

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Comments (8)

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  2. Tamtosu

    Which parts will be done in English? It is important to know for me and our international people who wish to join. Thank you.

  3. Raimo van der Klein

    Hi Tamtosu,

    We have two presentations in english. One german startup and the keynote of Dan Armstrong.

    Hope to see you the 31st!


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  5. GREAT EVENT GUYS, thanks for inviting me :)

    By the way (shameless pitch, but maybe interesting for some people), RABO MOBIEL is hiring! Hehe, we have a million projects running, as you have seen. Product Managers, Project Managers, Engineers. Let me know :)


  6. […] in de Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Deze keer gaat het om mobiele betalingen, bankieren en transacties. Schrijf je hier in.Scope bestond 21 jaar en organiseerde een grootst event met naast Claire Boonstra ook specialisten […]

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