MoMo #6 – Source collection

03 June 2008

Yesterday MoMo #6 took place at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. This post gives some sources to the content created related to the event since yesterday. We will add more in the next few days: expect uploads of more presentations, pictures and videos. Please keep an eye on the blog to be sure you don’t miss it. So far we have:

The slides of Russell Buckley, Chetan Sharma, Marc Schoutens, and Doc Searls are already posted on Slideshare. The other slides will follow within two days.

Our photographer Marco Ophof made great photos along with other people who uploaded their own photos to Flickr and tagged their photos with “momoams”. Would you like to share your pictures with the community? Please tag them with momoams too and we will find them.

Filip Bunkens shot some more great photos. Check them at his flickr.

There are no videos from our side yet. The film shot yesterday is currently being edited. As soon they are done, we will put them up here. We do have the film from Ralph Cohen (IceMobile) though. He presented a successful case which IceMobile executed for Samsung using Livecastr and huge screens in Amsterdam. See the video of the case.

See our collection of links related to our latest event at

Do you have anything to share too? Tag it with momoams and we will find it or point us towards it in the comments.

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