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Mobile Value

11 May 2009

After our hugely successful MoMo #6 , the expectations for MoMo #7 are lofty. But we like to aim high. Join us and find out if we can match MoMo#6 on September 1st, 2008 for Mobile Monday #7: Mobile Value.

* Skoeps video presentation/contribution
* Edwin Tromp (See Emerce No.78 for an interview) – previously CEO Lostboys, Talpa Digital, and DAG.
* Mark Giesbers – UPC and lectures at MBA Crossmedia. Previously worked at Telfort, Vodafone, Talpa Digital & New Business, and TBWA.
* Rachel Hinman video presentation/contribution
* Rudy de Waele
* Ajit Jaokar
* Yme Bosma

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