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Introducing Ben Scott-Robinson

19 January 2011

Ben Scott-RobinsonBen Scott-Robinson (@bcsr) is the creative director at We Love Mobile. We asked him to share a bit more about himself with the #momoams audience.

1) If you could go to study again, what study would you chose? Why?
I would study interaction design and psychology. It didn’t exist in my day, and I would love to spend the time doing deep research in that area.

2) What do you consider your biggest achievement?
Getting MEX Innovator of the Year in 2008. It was such an honour. Next was starting 4 award winning companies, and have three of them still going!

3) What development do you expect to have the biggest impact on the mobile industry?
That hasn’t already happened? I would say from a technical perspective a lot of the cornerstone advances have already happened for a while.

However, we still haven’t really explored the possibilities of narrative, storytelling and marketing. The first thing I thought when I saw the first Android device, with it’s seamless connection and integration, location capabilities and excellent web browser was “it is going to be a long while before we bottom out the possibilities of this.” We haven’t even scratched the surface of how creatives can use all these glorious interactions to engage and delight.

4) What field do you think is the most inspiring with regard to the subject you’re going to talk about?
For me it’s the wave of immersive theatre that is coming out of London and New York. People are willing to put their trust into the hands of directors and producers, and be taken to unexpected places, and take part in interactions that evoke genuine emotions, including surprise, fear and excitement. I even know of a theatre company that is running a ‘holiday’ experience, where you pay for a two week adventure, and all you get in return is a key. The rest is up to you to discover. In this time where nothing is a surprise, people will a premium

5) What question would you like to ask our audience after your talk?
What excites you most about mobile? Why are you here? As mobile is so new, just about everybody has their own story of how they got into it. Fascinating!

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