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Introducing Ben van der Burg

13 January 2011

Ben van der BurgBen van der Burg (@ikbenechtben / LinkedIn) is one of the speakers at MoMoAms #19. To get a better sense of who he is we asked him these 5 questions:

1) Who/what is your source of inspiration?
Ludivico Einaudi, Michel Houellebecq, Paul de Blot, The Economist and my garden.

2) Which advice would you give people that want to get active in the mobile industry?
Customer demand, economics, technical possibilities, value proposition are important factors but originality and passion are key.

3) What was you most remarkable public presentation?
A presentation about innovation in Washington. We had a deadline. Friends where putting the presentation together. I hadn’t time to prepare. I was surprised which slides appeared. They put some slides twice in the presentation. It was my best presentation ever with the criteria: surprise, passion, fun, authenticity and interactivity.

4) What development do you expect to have the biggest impact on the mobile industry?
Privacy will have the biggest impact, but also mHealth, mPayment and mCommerce.

5) What question would you like to ask our audience after your talk?
Do you think the product will be a success? If not why? If yes why?

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