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Introducing Steven Kruyswijk

08 March 2011

Steven KruyswijkSteven Kruyswijk (@kruithoph) is (among a lot of things) a Fender Rhodes piano technician and musical computer scientist. Steven is a regular face at our events and we are very happy to have him on stage this time. We asked him to share a bit more about himself with the #momoams audience.

1) Who/what is your source of inspiration?
My higher mind. Also: the science of consciousness, as explained by Alan Watts, David Wilcock, Bashar and others. All of these make it wonderfully apparent that we’re indeed living in historical transition-times, and that mobile ICT can play a beautiful role in this.

2) What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?
When on holiday in New York with my then-girlfriend, leaving the line at the Colbert Report studio for the line at the Daily Show studio, thereby failing to get into either taping. Everything went downhill from there :-(

3) What would like to accomplish? What is your higher goal?
World Peace. After that interplanetary social networking. All of which comes down to experiencing life as the ultimate roleplaying game.

4) What do you believe to be the biggest hype at this moment? Why?
Profit maximisation. In the end it’s a very boring and meaningless situation to simply have more monetary power than others, over others.

5) What do you expect from the event?
The best church service ever!

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