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MoMo Mobile Event Center launched

17 March 2008

Amsterdam, Monday March 17th. Today we officially launch our beta version of the Mobile Event Center, our new service enabling easy registration, name badge creation and QR-coded access to our events. All accessible via the mobile browser. Go with your mobile browser to and experience it yourself.

It is of course a perpetual beta. Help us and your fellow mobilista make it better, place your feedback in the comments of this post.

View Event Information and Manage your RSVP
Change RSVPThe Mobile Event Center is integrated with our Meetup registration system. Basic event information such as start times, address and map is provided.

Also, the Mobile Event Center gives you the possibility to continuously change your RSVP. And you can see how many people are coming.

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Prepare your Name Badge

On you can fill in your contact details which will be printed on your name badge. You can add details (like phone number, email and company name) to your profile which will be placed in the form of a vCard in a QR code on your badge. This gives participants the possibility to add your contact details to their phone’s contacts by scanning your QR code on your name badge.

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Mobile Entry Ticket
To Access future MoMo events you need an mobile entry ticket. Download your ticket at the Mobile Event Center, or bookmark the link. Your Mobile ticket includes a QR code. The QR code contains the your unique ID and the event’s unique ID. By using the QR code, event organizers are able to track event attendance come more accurately and efficiently.

When you arrive at the event, please do the following:
1 Display the Mobile Ticket image on your phone screen, or present the paper printout.
2 An event organizer will scan your mobile ticket image/printout.

3 Your event attendance will be recorded by MoMo.
4 A pre-printed name badge with your unique v-CARD QR code will be issued to you.

Members Directory
At the Mobile Event Center you can also find a directory of all MoMo members and their details. You can search through this directory and find the people you would like to contact during one of our events.

We thank Ubit Europe tremendously for all their time and effort for building this incredible service for MoMo. This truly enhances the MoMo event experience! Stephen and Jennifer great job!!!

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