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The WWDC keynote 2010 live at MoMo #16

26 May 2010

Okay, maybe you’re not carrying an iPhone and you’re wondering wtf is the WWDC? Well it’s Apple’s 4 day developer conference in San Francisco where Steve announces new stuff. At every WWDC’s in the last 3 years Steve has come on stage with a new iPhone, so this year everyone is expecting the 4G.

Let’s team up

Now what does Mobile Monday Amsterdam has to do with all this you ask? As there is no (video) livestream of the great keynote the whole internet community gathers around blogs that post updates of the event every 5 seconds or so. Last year, 2 large Dutch Apple communities came together, gathered all the online sources and covered the WWDC keynote while live-streaming their own “show”. The result, >10.000 viewers!

As Mobile Monday is on the same day as this years WWDC keynote and our program stops at 19:00h (coincidentally the time Steve starts his talk) we called the guys from iPhoneclub and One More Thing offered them our stage, some serious bandwidth and beer. And surprisingly they agreed to record their live show at de Duif right after our event.

Want to join?

You don’t have to come to Mobile Monday if you want to be part of the live show. We will open the doors after the official Mobile Monday program for anyone who wants to join. We have tons of space, drinks and a great show. What else can you wish for? Bring all your friends along!
There is just one very, very important thing: we’ll keep the doors shut till +/-18:55h so we can finish #momoams in a proper way.


What: live WWDC keynote
When: Monday June 7th – starts at 18:55h
Where: de Duif, Prinsengracht 752, Amsterdam
How much: FREE

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