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What about the backchannel?

01 April 2009

We really enjoyed last Mobile Monday, where our community got the opportunity to present! We’ve talked snowboarding, exploding websites, implants and the future of music, just to name a few :-)

Backchannel on the right (photo by @vanardenne)

Backchannel on the right (photo by @vanardenne)

As usual during our presentations we have a backchannel, showing a live stream of tweets tagged with #momo. From the beginning backchannels have been the source of discussion (see e.g. these posts from 2008). BCs can be adding to the discussion and generate interesting questions during or after a presentation, but they also can show off-topic or even offensive messages. Several visitors wrote about this on their blogs: here, here and here. Although we try to moderate the tweets, it seems that we’ve reached a tipping point.

MoMo wants to pioneer new ideas an possibilities, where the backchannel is definitely one. Now we think that it’s time to pick up the pioneering task again and start thinking about a new way of integrating interaction into our event. We want to ask you what your suggestion would be. No backchannel? Stronger moderation? Only allow tweets with specific speaker questions? Or should we replace the backchannel with a new form of interaction entirely?

We look for your suggestions and ideas on this. Through the shared knowledge and ideas in our community we’re sure that we can improve the live experience for our next event! So leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments or Tweet us (@vangeest, @claireboo, @sgfwarnaars, @marcfonteijn, @panman or @mdbraber).

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