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The next edition of Mobile Monday on mHealth is less than a month away from now – time to share some of the things we have been preparing for you! Read on to learn which speakers already started picking slides for their presentations, and when you get the chance to get your RSVP for this event!

In short

  • Date: Monday, January 25th
  • Time: 16:00 – 19:00 (excluding drinks, 15:00 doors open)
  • Location: De Duif (Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam)
  • RSVP available: Monday, January 11th, 12:00 (see

Doctors in the house
The line-up is slowly coming together. Although our list of speakers is not yet complete, we can share some of the names of those who already confirmed:

We expect more speakers to confirm in the next week or two. Keep an eye on the website. We will update the list of speakers once they confirm.

New Venue: de Duif
A short reminder – the preaching of the Mobile gospel is to be done in a church. We will be at another venue than we used to be at before, so make sure you come to the right place: Mobile Monday #14 is held at ‘de Duif’, located in the very center of Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 756. Make sure to note this address in your planner if you intend to come. We would not want you to miss our first speaker;)

When to get your RSVP
Be ready to grab your free RSVP when the first 250 RSVPs are released next Monday (January 11th) at 12:00 sharp. Make sure to be in time because we can run out of RSVPs within minutes: last event the first 250 RSVPs sold out with 15 minutes. We recommend programing a reminder in your phone or subscribing to the RSVP SMS alert:) Once the RSVPs are released, you can get yours at Meetup. For those who are not near a computer or on holidays: use the brand new mobile Meetup site to get your RSVP. Just to be clear: although MoMo is a free event, an RSVP is mandatory.

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