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07 February 2008

Our next MoMo will be held on the 31st of March. The subject will be Payments, Banking & Transactions. It will be held in our favourite spot De Rode Hoed.

Payments & Transactions are exactly those elements that make a Mobile Service actionable. It stimulates to act on impulses. Just imagine that based on what you encounter during the day you can choose to make decisions in purchasing, lending, selling, endorsing or funding.

For our upcoming event we would like to ask the MoMo community to help us create an inspiring program. Basically we have two major chunks in the program.

The first part is the 5 X 5 part where we hear from 5 mobile companies working in the field of payments, banking and transactions. We have some ideas of companies we would like to invite but are very curious if the community can come up with some new and fresh nuggets.

The second part is a slot for a Keynote speaker. A speaker that can show us how relevant this part of mobile services will become.

Please leave a comment and share your ideas with us and the rest of the MoMo community

Looking forward to your reactions!

Comments (9)

  1. Someone from Payter or Rabo Mobiel about paying with a NFC phone would be nice. Or something else that does wireless payments like the OV-chipkaart.

  2. Hi

    I suggest to contact Michel Pieterse from Rabomobiel, he could be an interesting keynote speaker

  3. Raimo van der Klein

    Hi Tim and Louk, we will contact rabomobiel. They are on our shortlist aswell..

    Louk: why Michel Pieterse?

  4. Jan-Mark Maas

    Someone from Checkpoint Systems in Utrecht would be a good addition as well. Checkpoint delivers RFID tags. Maybe they can outline developments in relation to mobile phones. Unfortuneately I do not have a contact there. Looking forward to the upcoming meeting.

  5. The guys at Noca ( are trying to offer transaction fee free payments. I heard PJ Gupta talk at BarCampBlock and was impressed with the story he told. Noca is a US-based startup (mostly ex-VISA people), so I don’t know if any of the team could make it to MoMo.

  6. Sander van den Born

    May I suggest also to consider Michel Bayings from LogicaCMG. He is practice leader Mobile Payments and responsible for e.g. the NFC Pilot with C-1000 currently ongoing in The Netherlands (Rabobank is a partner for this project as well) and he is involved in several international initiatives related to Mobile Payments.

  7. Raimo van der Klein

    good feedback guys! Thanks!

  8. We are supplying RFID handheld terminals (PL3000 advanced) and the ‘ultra thin client’ based RF60x is used in some banking applications. Unfortunately I can’t make it to this MoMo#5 but am open for some ‘case study’ explanation in a next one.

  9. can u explain wether u contaced him ??? please do reply here and let us know the matter :)