Watch the MoMo live stream here at 16:00 Amsterdam time

02 June 2008

Mac users will need a Windows video codec like

Let us know in the comments if there are any questions or remarks.

15.00 Doors open

16.00 Opening – Maarten Lens-FitzGerald / Raimo van der Klein (English/Dutch)
16.10 Open Mobiel Internet – Paul Brackel (Dutch)
16.20 Case: Randstad – Mobile Advertising Pilot – Christianne van den Dungen (Dutch)
16.25 Case: Mobillion – Mobile Marketing case – Marc Schoutens (Dutch)
16.30 Case: IceMobile – Samsung Soul introduction – Ralph Cohen (Dutch)
16.35 Demo: Skuair – Daem Interactive – Ignacio Mondine (English)
16.45 Mobile Advertising: creating a new world – Ben van der Burg (Dutch)

17.10 Break

17.30 Mobile Advertising: Relevance & engagement, not frequency & range – Antti Öhrling (English)
17.50 Mobile Advertising facts & figures – Russell Buckley (English)
18.10 From Buzz to Biz – Chetan Sharma (English)
18.30 VRM – Doc Searls (English)

19.00 Borrel

The stream is powered by the NOS.

Comments (3)

  1. hugh cree

    Hi, I’m trying to watch but the streaming audio/video is breaking up a lot for me and I’m on a very high speed DSL link here in San Diego CA.

    Hugh Cree

  2. Hallo Maarten,
    het was weer geweldig gisteren!
    Kan je ook een link naar de mooie foto’s die Marco heeft gemaakt op deze site zetten?

  3. @hugh thanks for the feedback, we’ll make sure it will be better next time