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Introducing Lucas Tielemans

25 January 2011

Lucas TielemansLucas Tielemans (LinkedIn) is in charge of leading a new mobile startup which he will tell us all about at the upcoming event! To learn more about Lucas we asked him these 5 questions:

1) Who/what is your source of inspiration?
The web allows us to consume far more impulses than ever before. On a daily basis, I try to find the widest variety of impulses. From architecture to apps, from graffiti to fashion. In addition to that I try to meet as many inspired people as possible. The great thing about inspiration is that it rarely comes from a source you’d expect it, so I try to keep my mind as ‘open’ as possible.

2) What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?
I stayed in school way too long.

3) What would like to accomplish? What is your higher goal?
Services like Facebook & Twitter are great for finding stuff and checking out what your ex-girlfriend is up to nowadays, but we believe the system is fundamentally based on quantity. Our higher goal is to create services that thrive on quality.

4) What do you believe to be the biggest hype at this moment? Why?
Apps are getting astonishing adoption rates. If you look games like Angry Birds or Cityville, it proves that there are a couple of platforms that leverage a very interesting userbase. Next to that, people are paying loads of money for virtual goods nowadays. Whether it are new sheep for your farm or extra levels in a game, I think people are accepting the fact that not all content is free anymore. I think that’s a good and very healthy shift in the way people see digital stuff.

5) What do you expect from the event?
Getting great feedback on our concept, meeting fun people and seeing some very interesting stuff.

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