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MoMoAMS welcomes two new team members

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Great news! We just got a YES! from two enthusiastic new additions to the team: Martijn Pannevis and Maarten den Braber. Both passionate gents will help to further improve our future events. You’ll get to know them better in the time to come, so for now a short intro will do for now:

Martijn Pannevis
Martijn Pannevis is a technology enthusiast, who focuses on new internet related technologies and their social consequences. After writing his MSc thesis on Location Based Services on mobile phones, he founded his second company,, a location based startup. Apart from his studies and his own company, Martijn has also worked at the telecommunications company KPN, where he did technical research for new products. In his spare time he likes touring the canals of Amsterdam on his boat.

More on Martijn can be found on Linkedin, his blog, or follow @panman on twitter.

Maarten den Braber
Maarten den Braber is an avid connector, focusing on technology, healthcare and events. He just finished his MSc thesis about the value of business models for hospitals. He freelances for (amongst others) The Event Engineers, providing event infrastructure solutions. He is co-founder of Nexthealth, a non-profit collaborative focused on connecting people in healthcare, online and offline. As part of Nexthealth he is publishing and presenting about Health2.0 and co-organizing the first NextHealth conference in Europe next year.

Learn more about Maarten at Linkedin, his blog, or follow @mdbraber on twitter.

We are already looking forward to set up our February 2nd event on Mobile Gaming with our new team. As soon we have more details on the speakers we’ll let you know via the blog and Meetup. Are you not yet a member of Meetup? Please sign up here to be sure you receive updates on the opening of the registration and new speaker announcements as soon they are published.

New MoMo Team Member

Monday, March 17th, 2008

We are proud to announce a new addition to the MoMo Team: Sam. For the next half year he will be part of the team and help to further improve Mobile Monday. Here is a short introduction in his words:

Hi, my name is Sam Warnaars, 26 years of age and a Communication student at the University of Twente. The coming six months I will be joining the MoMo team as a team-member. I will help the team with the work behind the scenes. While working at Mobile Monday I will also conduct a research for my Master thesis. It is great to be part of the MoMo team and work along the sides of a community which is ahead of the curve. I am looking forward to meet you on the next MoMo (March 31). I believe there are just a few tickets left for the event. Check here if you did not get yours yet (or go here on your mobile). See you there!